Fishing Tips and Tricks

WINTER FISHING - BRRRR! and so are the fish.
Freshwater fish aren't looking for fast food! The Fishes metabolism has slowed down and they're lethargic. SLOW down your presentation.


Shhhhh! Don't be a party boat! - keep noise to a minimum, you'll spook the fish.


Don't lose the fish of a life time! Check every now and then for line abrasion or nicks. 


"Match the Hatch" Meaning, your bait should be, or at least mimic (with artificial bait) what the fish are eating. Use baits and lures that look like and are the same size as the naturally found forage in the body of water you are fishing.


Wear Polarized Sunglasses - Helps you see into the water - Northern Pike aren't boat shy and to pull your presentation away at the last second - well it's heartbreaking. Furthermore, it's a good idea to protect those eyeballs!

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